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Where Imagination Meets Execution

Built on a foundation model that learns from human-software interactions, AL OS1 boasts software agnostic capabilities.

Agile Loop is building an in-house Large Action Model, pre-trained on multiple software interfaces. The model is specifically designed for AI agents that can be fine-tuned for any task action.

AL OS1 can learn, adapt and develop new capabilities.
Guided task suggestions based on the user objective cater to faster and simpler delegation.

A few of the many tasks that may be conducted may include:

Advanced File Management, to the level of managing everything across your desktop.


Compiling programs such as production monitoring and network monitoring.


Creating documents and presentations on Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Google Slides and more.


Automating actions such as invoice generation on CRM software such as ZOHO are all a simple prompt away.