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Available openings

Lead Scientist

Job Post at Agile Loop

Research Scientist

Job Post at Agile Loop

Marketing Executive

Job Post at Agile Loop

Who do we look for?

Creative Thinkers

You are an innovative thinker who challenges the norms and standards of industry practices in order to develop groundbreaking ideas.

Problem Solvers

Challenges are what fuel your motivation. You are agile and diverse in your approach to tackling problems head-on, finding the ideal solution to ensure the smooth flow of work in your team.

Team Players

You thrive when working on a team. You believe collaboration and effective communication are key to achieving team-shared goals.

What to expect when applying

1. Submit an application:

An application review is conducted to determine whether your qualifications are fit for the role. If your application is a fit for the open position you can expect a member of our team to contact you.

2. Interview:

You will be asked to attend an interview with a member of the recruiting team. The interview will be short and concise to get to know you and your work. This is also an opportunity to learn more about Agile Loop firsthand.

3. Technical Interview:

Once you have successfully conducted your first interview you may be asked to attend a second interview round. Here, if applicable, you may go through a technical screening, depending on the role you are applying for.