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200 million people are using ChatGPT daily. Looking at the number makes you shudder at first but then you think about how only 200 million out of the current population are using ChatGPT to make their lives a bit easier which is anti-climactic as it barely makes up 2.5% of the current world population. However, these individuals can only use ChatGPT as a search engine and get the information that they need but aren’t able to use it to perform actions for them, which places ChatGPT on the same level as Google. 

Other AI platforms such as Agile Loop operate on Large Action Models rather than Large Language Models that ChatGPT currently uses. LLMs can only give you language-based content and nothing beyond that. Every action you need to do after getting the information or content will have to be executed manually.

Conversely, easy to say that people who aren’t aware of the advanced operating systems or the platforms available to them are losing out. They’re losing out on saving time, effort, energy and so much more that can be done through such advanced platforms, that doing daily monotonous tasks should now be a thing of the past.

Individuals shouldn’t have to spend time doing tasks they’ve been repeating for years. After making a handful of presentations, you’d think it takes less time to make a presentation when it’s your 44th time doing so, though, the sad reality is that it probably takes you just as much time if not more.

This is where the interesting part comes in which saves individuals substantial amounts of work (aren’t we all trying to get out of work?) which is moving on to self-operating systems such as Agile Loop which intelligently automates workflows. 

This is a complete re-invention of how we use our computers daily, and with this type of progress in the AI community, there won’t be a lot of physically operating computers in a couple of years, as what you need to do, will be done for you by your computer.

Sounds super simple and super unrealistic. However, it’s not and can be seen in the demo video below.

Tasks normally take you two hours to complete and can be done for you in under a minute without the hassle of gathering data, de-cluttering data, and the other fifty tasks that you must do before you start the subheading of a PowerPoint presentation.

How can Agile Loop Version 0 help?

Agile Loop’s version 0 is built on Large Action Models (LAMs) that embrace complex reasoning to accurately execute actions. The model can understand the task at hand through AI systems that go beyond language understanding and complete those tasks across distinctive platforms and software such as Jira, Zoho, Gmail, etc. LAMs can propose solutions, make decisions, and execute tasks independently as the model is trained in a way to understand textual and external environments.

The number of individuals slowly trying to delve into the world of AI is only increasing, Agile Loop’s goal is to make the process easier for its users by seamlessly being able to use the platform it is building. With excessive groundbreaking research every day regarding AI and the potential it has in the future, it would completely revamp what your day may look like in the next few years. Self-operating computer systems such as Agile Loop are here to stay, and this is only the beginning.

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