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Agile Loop is an AI research and product venture company that pushes the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence research to establish a foundation model for Actionable AI in the future.

We believe in the power of AI to reinvent human interaction with computers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between humans and machines, automating multi-software processes through simple human language prompts.

Building upon the advancements of OpenAI’s Large Language Models, Agile Loop goes beyond by teaching AI to execute desired actions on behalf of users. The launch of Large Language Models to generate content has significantly increased the utilization of AI across various industries. Similarly, the advent of Large Action Models has the potential to facilitate positive advancements and improve decision-making procedures in multiple fields. To drive the progress of artificial intelligence, Agile Loop is constructing a foundational model for generating action output.

Based on a recent survey conducted in developed countries, it is evident that the majority of employees (95%) face challenges when using software applications. The complexity of navigating software results in a decrease in productivity, and a higher likelihood of errors. Agile Loop enables the efficient execution of cognitive tasks, maximizing the utilization of manual time and labor resources. This automated approach not only speeds up the task execution process but also minimizes the risk of human mistakes, resulting in higher-quality products.

The Agile Loop software has the potential to seamlessly integrate with various applications including Zoho, Slack, Jira, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and several others in the near future. This powerful tool can revolutionize the way businesses operate by providing a natural language interface for seamless execution of actions.

This technology prompts a paradigm shift by expanding access to automation, enhancing productivity, and promoting collaboration between individuals with different technical abilities. As this technology progresses and becomes integrated into various fields, it has the potential to transform how we engage with and build software, making it more accessible, efficient, and user-focused.

Based out of the UK, our team of pioneer AI research scientists won the Hackathon with Building on this success, we began development of the comprehensive Action Models for Operating Systems. Today, we’re a growing team consisting of twelve core professionals behind our innovation: Ammar Anwar, who co-founded Agile Loop and is a Director of AI; Ahad, co-founder and the head of Operations; Hamzah Azeem, who is co-founder and CEO; Marianna Dizik, who is the Technology Advisor; Omi Iyamu, our Product Advisor; Monica Ugwi, Product Advisor; Luc Mccatcheon; the Research Scientist; Pano Evangeliou, R&D Scientist; Moncef, Research Scientist; Nicolai Dorka, Research Scientist; and Vinal, Research Scientist.

Additionally, Dr.Janusz Marecki is working as the head of the Tech Advisory at Agile Loop. Dr.Janusz Marecki, a former lead scientist at Google DeepMind, brings extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence and has played a crucial role in shaping the development and direction of Agile Loop’s technology.

At Agile Loop, we aim to streamline the dynamic multi-software processes through user-friendly prompts. We are confident that our vision is just beginning to take shape. There is still a considerable distance to cover, but we are eager for the exciting journey ahead as we work towards fully realizing our potential.

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